How to get Canada Student Visa

Canada keeps on attracting a consistent volume of students from all over the world. While getting admission to Top Universities in Canada keeps on requiring a fantastic scholarly score, the authorization to study is approved by methods for a Study Permit.

On the off chance that you wish to take academic, professional or vocational training at a university, college, school or some other educational institution in Canada, you will require a study permit before you enter Canada. This study permit is issued to students when they land in Canada. Nevertheless, to arrive, a student should initially apply for a Temporary Resident Visa which is given by the Canadian High Commission and encouraged by the Visa Application Centres.

What is a study permit?

A study permit is a document issued by the Canadian migration specialists that serve as authorization for foreign students to study in Canada. International students can't study in Canada without getting a study permit. Aside from this, students who get a study permit are permitted to enroll only in Designated Learning Institutions (DLI).

Benefits of Studying in Canada

  • Affordable education framework contrasted with other nations/countries
  • A bilingual nation, and considered as the pioneer in language training
  • Pleasant and quiet condition
  • Well-kept up multicultural society
  • Possibilities of immigration
  • Admission with IELTS conceivable
  • Innovative as well as advanced research chances

Eligibility criteria

You can apply for a Canada Study visa in the event that you satisfy the below-mentioned criteria:

  • You have been acknowledged by a DLI.
  • You need to demonstrate that you have sufficient assets to pay your education cost and everyday costs.
  • You need to demonstrate that you have a clean background and no criminal record. The aspirants need to deliver a police certificate to demonstrate this.
  • You need to do a health check-up and produce a medical certificate that guarantees that you are healthy.

Additionally, during the visa interview, you have to prove to the visa officer that you will leave Canada once you complete your studies.

Documents required

Below mentioned are the documents required in order to apply:

Valid passport

You would require a Valid Passport to have the option to apply for a Study Permit. As of the Canadian High Commission, it is significant that you have a passport with a validity that stretches out to cover the planned stay in Canada.

Proof of Acceptance by a DLI

You would require the acknowledgment letter from the college/Institute you are planning to attend. A DLI is the University which is perceived by the Immigration Department. In the event that you are applying for Quebec, you would likewise require a CAQ which you would be appropriately advised.

Proof of funds

At the hour of application for your Study Permit, you would need to show proof of funds. According to the present standards, you would need to demonstrate that you would have enough funds to pay education costs and deal with living expenses. Besides this, the student would likewise need to demonstrate that he/she has enough funds for a return fare too.


In the event that you have settled for offline application, you would require two passport-sized photographs that fit in with the given standards. For online application, you should acquire a digital copy of the photo which ought not to be more than 4MB.

IME (Immigration Medical Examination)

Canadian Immigration requires international students from India to experience an obligatory Immigration Medical Examination from impaneled doctors. Students would need to book an appointment and visit the listed doctors for a medical assessment, ideally seven days before they begin their Visa Application. This is to give the doctor sufficient opportunity to approve and transfer the vital records. Booking an appointment ahead of time with the nearest facility/ practitioner according to the list of impanelled doctors is constantly advised.

The panel physician will carry out a complete medical test and may refer you for chest x-rays and laboratory tests. When your test has been finished, the doctor will send the outcomes to CIC.

English Language Proficiency Score

Although not obligatory to have at the time of application, we unequivocally suggest that you have appeared for and get your English Language Proficiency Score before you begin your Visa Application Process. All things considered, you would have needed to present your English language capability score to affirm your admission to the Canadian University. TOEFL, IELTS, and so forth are all acceptable.

Statement of purpose

When applying for a Canadian Study Permit, you would be required to present a paper expressing the reason for your trip to Canada and why you have picked the specific institution. This would be provoked as a discretionary record in the agenda yet we emphatically suggest that you submit the same.

Credit card

In the event that you are making an online application, you would likewise require a credit card to pay the application charge. The system just accepts credit card and not debit cards. Aside from the abovementioned, if applying online, you would need access to a digital scanner. Nevertheless, in case you are applying offline, you ought to have true copies of all the previously mentioned documents. It is imperative to take note of that while applying online, you would be required to download a couple of documents, fill them, print them, sign them and afterward transfer them. In like manner, the accessibility of the scanner must be arranged. The framework likewise enables you to transfer a good quality digital image.

During the personal interview, extra documents might be requested by the interviewer. These might be documents to demonstrate proof of academic or financial status. These may include:

  • Transcripts, diplomas, degrees, or certificates from schools you attended
  • Scores from tests, for example, the TOEFL, SAT, GRE, or GMAT
  • Your intent to depart from Canada after the completion of the course of study
  • How you will pay all educational, living and travel costs

How to apply for the study visa

There are a number of steps to apply for a visa.

Check processing time

The visa application cycle may take somewhere in the range of 3-4 months. It is prudent to experience the Canadian consulate website to realize the estimated time taken to process the student visa.

Determine how you will apply

There are 3 ways to apply:

(a) Apply online

To apply online you should have access to a scanner or camera to make electronic copies of your documents for transferring and have a legitimate credit card for payment. You will, in any case, be required to give a finger scan at the territorial Visa Application Centre (VAC). Keep in mind, on account of Online Application you have to visit the VFS offices to hand your passports and would need to give the affirmation of form and fee payment also. The steps would just change regarding documents you have to convey to the VAC.

(b) Apply in person

Download the application pack and read the guidance. The instruction guide contains significant data about study permits and guidelines to enable you to complete your application. Peruse the guide cautiously and utilize the document checklist.

Fill out the VFS Consent Form and connect it with your application form. You need this form to get the help of VFS administrations for your visa filing process.

Pay the processing fee

Note that when presenting an application by means of the VFS, in person or by mail, visa charges must be paid. The processing fee is non-refundable in all cases.

In case your spouse/common-law partner and/or children are accompanying you and you are applying for temporary resident visas, work permits or study permits for them, at that point you should pay the appropriate processing fees for them.

Submit your application and supporting documents

You need to visit the closest VFS office. When you are there, pay the administration charges and give them your total application to get a receipt. This receipt contains your unique tracking number which you need to track the progress of your application online.

If your application is affirmed you will get notification from the Government of Canada requesting for your passport. You can present the passport and passport request letter in person or through VFS. You would be furnished with a Temporary Resident Visa and a Letter of Introduction.

Visa fee

Study permit for Canada costs CAD$ 150, which is equal to INR 7,845. The visa handling charges can be made online or offline or by cash at the VAC (Veterans Affairs Canada). Likewise, the visa expense referenced does exclude VAC administration charges. You would need to pay the extra administration charges as applicable for your region.

Processing time

Processing begins when the aspirant files the application until the final decision day. In that capacity, there is no particular time span referenced for processing a visa application.

Study permit renewal

In case, your study permit terminates before completion of your studies (program) at that point you have to apply for renewal of study permit. Ideally, you ought to apply at least30 days before your present permit terminates.


Spouses can go with full-time students on a Dependent visa. You just need to demonstrate that sufficient assets are accessible for their help. Spouses can likewise work all day if his/her stay is for a year or more.

In a few cases, you may apply for an open work permit in case you will go with your spouse or common-law partner to Canada. With an open work grant, you may secure and acknowledge any position when you get to Canada. You needn't bother with a job offer or a labor market impact assessment to apply for your work permit.


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