Costs Involved Obtaining a PR for Canada

Canada pr is without a doubt one of the cheapest immigration pathways in 2021. The most excellent thing concerning the Canadian Immigration process is that there is no need to pay any initial fees. You need to pay the PR fees as well as the Visa fees following the selection of your application. But if you are planning to migrate to Canada through the PNP then you may have to pay for a nomination certificate while applying for a program.

The total cost for a Canada immigration PR visa is the sum of the application fees for an applicant as well as their spouse plus dependents, medical exam fees, test for English language, ECA fees as well as PCC fees plus other miscellaneous fees.

In addition to the above fees, you will also pay for the services provided by an immigration consultant in case you decide to take their assistance to help you with your PR visa processing.

Remember that the Canada PR fee that you pay from India is a single time fee. Once such a fee is paid the Express Entry profile remains valid for a minimum of 12 months. If you are planning to migrate to Canada then consult an immigration consultant in Delhi who will help you from the start till you settle in Canada.

The estimated fee for the Educational credential assessment is INR 14,000 which is CAD 220.

You need to pay a fee of INR 14,000 to appear for the IELTS test.

You will have to wait till you receive your Invitation to Apply and only that you will have to submit your final PR application.

The following costs are for Permanent Residency application:

  • The Canada PR application fee for a single applicant is CAD 825 plus an addition of 500 for the Right to PR. Total visa and PR amounts to CAD 1325
  • Couple applicant Fee is CAD 2650 (CAD 825 *2) + 500 Right to PR fee
  • For the dependent child CAD 225 for each child

Other fee requirements are:

Medical exam fees

INR 3,000 is the medical exam fees and it varies depending on the source city of the applicant

Police certificate fees

INR 500 is the police certificate fees and it varies depending on the source city of the applicant

Biometrics fees

  • For a single applicant, the Biometric Fee is CAD 85
  • In case of two or more applicants then the Biometric Fee is CAD 170

Proof of finance

Besides paying the PR actioning fee you will also be required to prove that you have the minimum needed finance to maintain yourself and your associated family members in Canada. Only those who apply under the below-mentioned immigration programs need to prove the fund requirement:

  • FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program)
  • FSTP (Federal Skilled Trades Program)

The Canada pr consultant in Delhi is always ready to help and support you to achieve your dream to migrate to Canada.


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