How to Immigrate to Canada from India

As the US President Trump carries on to limit the number of immigrant visas based on employment a lot of Indian nationals prefer to swap their jobs in the U.S., to get a Canada PR.

There are a plethora of alternatives through which one can immigrate to Canada from India. Canada with its Multicultural feature is one of the best destinations in the world for migrants. The cosmopolitan metropolises, a steady economy as well as the superior quality of life make Canada one of the most excellent countries to live. Canada also has a massive demand for immigrants and has its doors open to the right and skilled and talented individuals. As India’s #1 immigration consultant in Delhi, we possess the required experience plus credibility to assist you with your Canada immigration course.

Below mentioned are the 4 easiest modes of migrating to Canada and become a permanent resident:

Express Entry

The FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) stream is for the ones who have a minimum of 1-year expert work experience. It is very reasonable and provides all the applicants with a score based on points under the Comprehensive Ranking System. Only the best candidate will be picked out for immigration.

PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs)

Every one of Canada's 13 provinces as well as territories has its migration programs, known as PNPs or Provincial Nominee Programs. As the territories have various populaces and economies, their immigration programs are special and worked to accommodate their monetary plus demographic needs. PNPs are a well-known alternative since they can be the quickest pathway to obtain a Canadian PR.

QSW (Quebec Skilled Worker)

The QSW is an immigration platform controlled by Quebec for applicants with skilled work experience and for those who are capable of making continuous contributions to the economy of Quebec as its workforce member. Like Express Entry, applicants are graded applying a points system based on which certain applicants will be invited to apply.

Intra-company transfers

Certain Indian nationals can be qualified to get a Canadian work permit for which most of the time they need to get a job offer. On the other hand, one important exemption to this is the intra-company transfers. For this, your employer has to be a part of a multinational corporation having offices in Canada. Under such a situation you may be qualified for a transfer to an office in Canada, that too without much paperwork!

How to migrate from India to Canada?

On the off chance that you are presently living in India and need to move to Canada, there are numerous different choices of migration programs accessible for you. The way toward applying to move to Canada can be extremely long and testing. Employing a certified Canadian migration law office who can interface an Indian immigrant with somebody who communicates in one of the dialects of India can enable an Indian candidate to comprehend the necessities and give the best possible documentation. If you are applying for the 1st time, you can take the services of a Canada PR consultant in Delhi who will assist you to fill the application properly.


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