How to get Business Visa for Canada

With friendly business directives, viable tax setting, easy entrée to the American plus Pacific Rim markets, a knowledgeable workforce and well-known legal as well as financial arrangements, Canada is among the most striking destinations in the world for business people to set up and develop their businesses.

Canada, a financially rich nation, offers huge chances to business people. A large number of businesspeople assume short-term visits to Canada looking for new and exciting business openings. Under the Business Visitor visa class, foreign nationals may visit Canada for brief periods to participate in business dealings with Canadian organizations. The qualified candidates are allowed to investigate business openings, communicate with Canadian business partners, and take part in trade conferences. Notwithstanding, this visa does not enable candidates to expect employment in Canada. Business Visitor visa is most appropriate for travelers expecting to experience Canadian culture, visit locales, and get pleasure from leisure activities while exploring different business choices.

The Canada Business Immigration Category of visas was intended to attract experienced business people to Canada. Successful candidates are the individuals who can put resources into Canada, begin organizations in Canada and create incomes and work for Canadians.

The Canadian Government chooses business class foreigners’ dependent on their capacity to turn into economically accomplished and sustain the growth of the Canadian economy.

Business migrants are individuals who are anticipated to help the improvement of a solid and prosperous Canadian economy.

To encourage the improvement of a solid, prosperous economic condition, the Canadian government looks for business people with adequate business experience and the fundamental resources.

Business visa categories

There are 3 classes of business immigrants as mentioned below:

Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Visa

Is aimed at those with personal total assets of at least $10 million CND, and willing to make an at-risk investment of at any rate $2 million CND into Canada's Immigrant Investor Venture Capital store.

Start-up Visa

Is aimed at successful entrepreneurs or part-owners with noteworthy experience who have the goal and capacity to possess and manage a business in Canada, which produces incomes and employment. The business must be supported by an organization on Canada's Start-up Visa Designated Organizations List

Self-Employed Immigrant Visa

Is aimed at people with significant involvement in world-class athletics or cultural activities or with farm management experience, who have the goal and capacity to become self-employed in Canada
As in this article, I am going to discuss only self-employed permits I will not be explaining about the other two categories.


To meet all requirements for business immigration to Canada under the Self-employed Program, a candidate must show that they have the significant athletic, an artistic or agricultural experience that has enabled them to be self-employed while existing in their own country. The candidate should besides have the option to make a sensibly important commitment to one of these 3 fields through their appropriate experience and abilities in Canada. The National Occupation Classification of Canada has a total list of all the professions that fall under these three classifications which, generally, there is no exception to.

An individual can apply for a self-employed visa in case he/she has any significant involvement in cultural activities or aesthetics at a world-class level, or are experienced at farm management. Such class of people can without difficulty migrate to the country as self-employed.

Minimum Eligibility for Self-Employed Visa

Prior to the date of applying, the candidate should hold at least 2 years experience in the last 5 years (before the date of applying for the visa) in the accompanying classifications –

  • Cultural exercises
  • Aesthetics at a world-class level
  • Buying and the board of ranch

Fulfill point-based criteria which include –

  • Academic Degree/Qualifications (Max. 25 points)
  • Experience (Max. 35 points)
  • Age (Max. 10 points)
  • Language Skills (English/French) (Max. 24 points)
  • Adaptability (Max. 6 points)

At least 35 marks are required to migrate as Business Migrant.

Factors that are scored incorporate your age (and the age of your spouse) in light of the fact that young applicants are favored as they can add to the economy for a more extended timeframe. In any case, this doesn't imply that older candidates can't have any cannot apply; it will basically imply that you get less or no points under this category.
The number of year’s experience that you are bringing to the field is significant and the more years of experience you have is better. In a field, for example, athletics, being an athlete on an internationally competitive level likewise counts towards experience. This can be connected to other independent workstreams where you have accomplished something or earned a globally recognized award for that profession. Another part of this is the nature and term of your respective professional training which can incorporate practical skills picked up while working in that field.
Your education level (tertiary or other training programs) are significant for demonstrating you are qualified in the field you have sought after, particularly in case you are younger and maybe need noteworthy experience. As far as language abilities, you would do well to pick up capability in both French and English, which are major languages spoken all through Canada.
The last angle to know about is adaptability which appears at the probability that you will be effective regarding cultural immersion. This is significant since Canada is an assorted multicultural nation comprised of a lot of universal expat networks however together they work cohesively to run a solid economy and further a rich cultural history. Criteria for this has to do with to what extent you may have just worked in Canada, your spouse or accomplice's training level, regardless of whether you have studied in Canada and what family connections you have in the nation.

Documents required

In the application page, you will likewise need to present the below-mentioned supporting documents:

  • Original Passports with 6 months validity from the date of landing in Canada + Old Passports if any.
  • Visa Application Forms.
  • 3 Color photo: 35mm x 45mm, White foundation, matt finish, 80% face size.
  • Covering letter referencing the details of the candidate, travel, and details of other members going with you.
  • Invitation letter/Exhibition/Conference affirmation.
  • Hotel Bookings whenever done.
  • Complete travel schedule in case you have effectively reserved your tickets or only a description of what you intend to do once in Canada.
    • Air PNR Booking/Air Ticket.
    • Salary slips for last 6 months. if employed.
    • If Self Employed - Shop ACt/Moa/Deed.
    • Original personal bank statements for the past six months updated with solid and adequate balance.
    • Income Tax returns
    • /Form 16 for the past 3 years.
  • Registration documents of the organization you work for.
  • A letter from your boss expressing your designation, compensation, and motivation behind why you are visiting Canada;
  • Registration records from the Canadian organization which has invited you to Canada.
  • A Declaration Letter from you to the Government of Canada where you clarify why they should give you a visa.

All documents must be in English or in French and in the event that they have been interpreted, you should give a certification that the interpretation is correct.

When you present every one of the documents, you would then be able to continue to present the application. After that, you should pay the visa application charge and your application will be completed.

Business visa benefits

A brilliant aspect concerning the Self-utilized Program is that there is no total assets prerequisite. Nonetheless, you should have adequate assets for movement purposes as per the typical visa method, this incorporates supporting any wards (life partner or youngsters) that you are proposing to carry into the nation with you. This implies you have the opportunity to set up your business all alone terms, adding to the Canadian economy in your own novel manner without the weight of a specific net revenue or corporate attitude.
There are additionally a lot of various profession alternatives to browse, implying that regardless of whether you're at present working in one field, for example, photography however you have satisfactory involvement in something different, for example, farming via a family-owned estate in your nation of inception, you can discuss with RCICs about which way would be a superior choice for effective immigration.
Another advantage of the Self- employed Program is that you just need two years of experience in your picked field so as to practice around there of culture, sports or agriculture. This is not quite the same as the Federal Skilled Worker Program in the sense that while despite everything you should be qualified in your picked field, there is considerably more space to move regarding the enterprise. For instance, being a wedding organizer still requires a capability or some likeness thereof yet it is up to you how you develop this business and how long you have gone through getting to know the industry.

The expense to apply for the Canadian Business Visa is CAD$100 with an extra charge of CAD$85 on the off chance that you are approached to give your biometric data.
In case your visa is endorsed, then you should pay for the passport handling, expenses which comes to around CAD$45.

Visa processing time

Contingent upon the workload of the Canadian Embassy you are applying in, you need to wait from 1 to 6 weeks for the Business Visa to be processed.

Visa Validity

Since the Canadian Business Visa is a Temporary Resident Visa, it isn't substantial for over a half year. You are urged to remain just for the time that you have expressed in your application, regardless of whether that is under a half year. The Embassy could give you a visa that is legitimate for a more extended period, for example, 3, 5 or even 10 years, yet you should not remain for over a half year at a time.


Since you are applying for a visa to attend a business conference or a similar reason, you can't carry your dependents to Canada with a business visa. Dependents, for this situation, are your spouse or common-law partner and your minor kids.


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